Packed Up Launches in Central Florida


Packed Up launches in two major Florida Markets

Packed Up Inc. is proud to announce the expansion of our valet storage services to Orlando and Melbourne.

Why Use Packed Up over Self-Storage?

  1. Simple, flexible pricing - Stop paying for the space you don't need in that storage unit. Packed Up offers $5 per-item storage of all your furniture, appliances and boxes. We do this while avoiding the gimmicky admin fees, surcharges and price hikes.
  2. Valet Pick-Up and Return - Get back to what mattes most in life and skip the truck rental, hauling and lifting. Packed Up does all the hard work for you.
  3. Instant Quote - We did away with the sales calls, online research and contact forms. Get your quote in under 10 seconds using our Instant Quote Tool.

How Does it Work?

We lead with transparency and customer service before anything else. Yes, we are a storage company; but in our heart of hearts, we are a customer service company. We will do anything to make it right and help you along the way with any questions or concerns you may have with your keepsakes and their storage.

  • Use our Instant Quote tool to price your storage and moving in under 10 seconds.
  • Upon booking, our customer care team will reach out via email to confirm your order details.
  • On storage day, sit back and relax. We have the professional movers, truck and secure warehousing to store your boxes, appliances and furniture.
  • When needed, simply request for a redelivery. Choose a date and time that's best for you and we'll be there.

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