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Generous revenue share
We are proud to work with some of the best logistics partners in the world. We do so by offering a range of 12-30% revenue share per customer per month.
Stay relevant in a busy marketplace
The amenities war is on to help attract and retain customers. But on the leading edge of on-demand offerings that help today's customers.
500+ warehouses nationwide
With our wide network of warehouses partners, we are ready to serve the growing demand for storage.

Types of businesses we serve


Students are busy enough as it is. We handle storage with furniture pick-up and eco-friendly reusable bins that are delivered to your students.

Property Managers & Apartment Complexes

Amenities are getting more and more competitive. We can offer your residents a white glove service to take all the hassle out of moving and storage. It's just one more reason for them to sign a lease with you.

Event Planners

Planners these days are inundated with details, contracts, and spend a lot of their time responding to leads and planning. The last thing they want is to waste their precious time hauling their tables, chairs, decor and setups across town.

Why choose Packed Up?

Revenue Share

We offer a generous revenue share program that keeps you innovating and making money.

500+ warehouses nationwide

We are only expanding! Our goal is to provide the most convenient storage option on the market and we have the logistical backbone to pull it off.

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