About Us

Why Packed Up?

Packed Up was built on the premise that things could get a lot better in the storage industry. Currently it's ripe with price gimmicks, rates that always go up, and not to mention the constant truck rentals. We saw a huge opportunity to really make some improvements. This starts with introducing valet-style pickup and return service. No more begging friends for help or asking to borrow a truck. We then took strides to improve the transparency and pricing.. Our simple $5 or $10 per item per month pricing makes thing a lot easier on all of us. That rate will never change, all with no contract requirements. We are here for you in your moment of transition, with a much easier storage solution.

The Team

The company was built from the ground up with the most talented, patient, and future-thinking ladies and gentlemen you’d ever meet. We decided from the beginning to surround ourselves with the brightest minds in operations, logistics, technology, sales and marketing. 

Our Partnerships

We only use the best of the best. It’s important to note that Packed Up wouldn’t be on the map if it weren’t for our amazing transportation and logistics partners. From moving to warehouse, we have vetted and on-boarded the best of the best among your neighborhood businesses to better serve us and most importantly, you. 


We are always open to new talent. If you are interested in working for this incredible team email us at: info@packedup.com