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Save time and money while we do the heavy lifting.

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How much does it cost?

$5-10 per item pricing.
It's that simple.

At Packed Up, you only pay for what you store. Skip the hassle of trying to figure out if your items will fit in a 5x5 or 10x10 storage unit. 

You pay $5-10 per item per month for storage. Skip the pricing gimmicks, extra fees, price changes and billing surprises.

A moving charge per box and per appliance or furniture item is charged for valet pickup, truck, movers and storing your items in the warehouse. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can save time. Read more on pricing over at our FAQ page.

These 10 items, $90/mo
These 15 items, $135/mo
These 20 items, $180/mo

What is valet storage?

It's the easiest way to do self storage. We do all the hard work by lifting, hauling and storing so you don't have to. Our professional haulers bring the truck and the muscle. On your scheduled date and time, we pick up and load your stuff on the truck and your items are safely stored in our warehouse.

What can I store?

Furniture, Appliances & Boxes

$10 each
$10 each
$5 each
It's simple

Why use Packed Up?

$5-10 per item per month, no extra fees
Monthly storage fees that go up over time and lots of extra fees
Storage Day
We do the heavy lifting, hauling and storing for you
Rent a truck, bug friends to help pack it up, drive to storage facility and unpack yourself
Professional, trained movers
You and your friends and family
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Immediate; Instant quote right from the website
Websites, phone calls, contact forms
Let's do this

How do I get started?

Remember the electric slide? It’s like that, but easier.

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